Any assist with banishing a adverse entity that’s inside me?

I’m 100% constructive I’ve acquired fairly just a few entities which might be connected to my exterior power. However I’ve one excessive rating demonic pressure inside me. My spirit information, Azazel, tells me that it’s Mammon, demon of greed and lust. His reasoning matches what has been taking place. I had a problem with rejection since delivery as a result of I used to be adopted. Truthfully, I can not recover from that. However Azazel defined that this Mammon feeds off my greed and lust. And the one cause I even thought-about that is that my mother and father have mentioned on a number of events that I flip a change and switch into a special particular person once I get informed “no” regardless of how silly or trivial the factor I requested for was. So I requested him what was occurring and he mentioned in fairly just a few phrases, that I used to be partly possessed by an historical demon, Mammon, who feeds off my greed and isn’t too pleased with anybody saying no to me. I have to know the way to banish Mammon. I’ve over eight decrease degree demons connected to my outer power feeding off the injuries Mammon creates upon me and I can not operate in my private relationships and am doing issues that I’d by no means do in one million years. Please. I do not know what to do.