Remove all kinds od curses, black magic, voodoo

Removing spells and charms egg

Removing spells and charms jajkiemTo way has long been practiced in all cultures. To this day it is applied zamawiaczki and “szeptuchy” east of the country.

If you suspect that someone threw a spell on you, harassing you witchcraft or bad you want, ask a trusted person that you removed from this mess with the eggs. It should be as fresh as possible (supposedly the best is directly from chickens).

For this ritual must be approached with seriousness and concentration. Person purified turns his back. He sits back in his chair. He closes his eyes. He puts his hands on his thighs. Leading cleaning removes from it all metal jewelry and watch. Then he makes the sign of the cross on his chest, whispering words of prayer or incantation and then take the right hand egg. He holds that all fingers surrounded them with a broader end.

Pointed end of the egg should be directed to the very top of the head person purge. Then you have to utter the words: “In the name of the Father and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit leave a fitness unclean (here mention your name purified) and never not come back!”

Then, repeating the text of any prayer, you must roll the egg 33 circles overhead tortured magic people, according to a clockwise direction. You should start by tiny circles over the crown, and then stagger increasing circles.

A person can be purified at this point the various sensations: unpleasant itching, chills, burning, etc. Calmly and with faith should think about that all the evil that attacked it will be sucked into the egg.

After finishing cleaning the head, dragging the egg along the spine – from the coccyx, and ending at the base of the skull. Then staggering spiral movements of the egg from the top down until the person feels cleansed clear relief. Then takes it in his hands previously prepared a glass of water and looking at the surface of said three times: “Lord, grant that never visited me nothing but purity, truth and strength.”

Cleansing gently breaks the eggshell on the edge of a glass with the words: “In my hands I hold no shell, but the trouble (again mention the name)” and its contents lets the water. Shell pounds with a snap and throw the right hand of each other to the pelvis of the water, which is then poured into a toilet. He says while loudly: “Down a fitness impure” and makes the sign of the cross in the air. Then, long washes his hands in cold water.

Then he sits down and watches contained in a glass egg. Yolk always symbolizes human life and the protein external circumstances and influences. From the shape of the protein can be read different figures, for example. The coffin, cross, etc. If you are very clear, means that anyone through witchcraft would cause the death of purified person. When a protein is very cloudy and like fog or clouds, probably someone using black magic wanted to bring this person to a nervous breakdown and even mental illness.

A clear thread extending from the yolk until the surface of the water or bubbles indicate where the attack specific organs. An experienced person who is engaged in removing long spells and charms when I look at the glass carefully, you may even see a character that is made. Just, if properly carry out cleansing treatment. In the same manner was purified persons suffering from physical ailments. Except that then drives away the disease, not the “evil forces”.

After completing the ritual content of the glass is poured (necessarily right hand) to the toilet, with the words: “Down a fitness impure” Glass you need to thoroughly wash, wipe dry and exposed to sunlight. In contrast, a person should be purified plunge in prayer or meditation.


Removing curses, charms, evil eye and black magic
In fact, to remove curses and charms and so-called. Evil eye, we can use the salt water of the candle and left-handed spiral pendulum. However, not always fully help. Sometimes someone’s aggression energy is so strong the need is complicated ritual.

But to compensate for the removal of chakras and the astral larvae and small disturbance energy will suffice methods given in the following article.

1. candle
For this purpose we can use candles in the following colors: white with black or purple. White, of course, cleans black cuts and destroys the structure of energy and hitch. So what does the color purple here? Violet is associated with Archangel Zadkiel who destroys and removes all the things that we block and interfere with us in the further development.
You must first call the friendly creatures can be, for example angels, archangels, spirit guides or guards 4 sides of the world or the elements. Once we have the protection we can go further.
To clean the candle should focus on the intent of purification. Then please cut and remove all negative energy. Launch candle. If you feel the need, we can put your photo or someone else’s image, depending on who you are purified. We make over the photo necessarily slow circles shine to the left.

Subsequently, the 3 circles shine put the world in front of you. We gather together all the negative energies inhaling and throw everything in the side of the candle with the exhalation. It may be the case with you exhale blowing out a candle. Do not worry about it. The remnants of the candle should be buried in the ground or throw the trash away from home.

2. pendulum
The pendulum is used to remove left-handed negative energy and disorders. Purifying ourselves we can put a pendulum over your hand or a photograph and order mentally:
Clean and remove all negative energies and hitch. Clean, clean, clean.
It is worth after all clean pendulum over a candle and holy water is best.

3. rock salt and water
This method is also effective. We use this photo or drawing phantom. In the photo or on the phantom we save the name and date of birth. It is best to use a clean sheet of paper and a fountain pen.
Card or a photo from the treatment will be burned.
Salt backfill the entire drawing or photograph including name and date of birth. Then sprinkle with water. When we say that the same intention as with the pendulum. We leave the salt for at least 4 hours.
Then we Rake salt and falling apart somewhere outside away from home. Card or a photo smoke.

4. smoke or incense or white sage
Choosing the smoke as a method of purification can use incense sandalwood or white sage. We launch the selected tool and flattered themselves or a picture of smoke. We declare intentions purification.

5. Egg
It is a very old method used by szeptuchy and experienced quick. For this we need 2 eggs from free-range eggs and 2 cups of water. 1 egg use for the treatment of a mental or head 2 for cleaning the body.
The same is the so-called purification. Turning or rotating the eggs because phantom or body. Once you intuitively feel the person concerned has been cleaned up our shell and the contents of the eggs thrown into a glass of water. Similarly we do with 2 eggs.
In the water you can see the hook-and energy that negatively work. They will be all the streaks and pieces of protein that will be on the water surface.

These are the basic methods of purifying energy that anyone can successfully perform your own.